Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum

Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum
It was my Suffolk's Top 50 Challenge that brought me to the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum. The great thing about this challenge is that it gets you visiting places that probably wouldn't spring to mind. I've had some great days out and discovered lots of interesting things on this challenge. Here's a quick round up of what you can expect on a visit to Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum at F...
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Beccles Antiques Street Market

Beccles Antique Street Market
The Beccles Antiques Street Market has been on my list of things to do for a few years now and this year I finally made it, although some may say I was a bit eager arriving at the market at 9 am on a Sunday morning but it was worth it! Exploring Beccles Antiques Street Market The great thing about arriving early was that I has the chance to have a good browse before it got really busy and wi...
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6 Fun Things to Do in Suffolk This May

Suffolk Show tractor
May is a bumper month for events in Suffolk, it can be difficult to choose what to do! If you are looking for some help I have put together 6 fun things to do in Suffolk this May that I can personally recommend! Suffolk has some great events and last May I attended 3 events in one day - still don't know how I managed it. Meticulous planning and sheer determination I think, but it shows anyth...
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The Unique Landscape of Orford Ness

Orford Ness
You know how it is, you have most of the year to visit somewhere and you end up going on the last weekend before it closes! Sound familiar? That describes my last trip to Orford Ness. Well here's your chance to be one of the first visitors this season to Orford Ness as it re-opens for 2017. It truly is a unique landscape which explains why it was voted in the Suffolk Top 50. My visit last Oc...
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Vintage Market in the Sunshine

vintage market
You really can't beat a vintage market stroll at Snape Maltings in the sunshine! Its such a relaxing thing to do, in beautiful surroundings with the added bonus of having the 'smile' factor as you see lots of things for sale that you remember from your childhood. I often realise I'm smiling while I look around the stalls, taking a trip down memory lane! On Sunday the vintage market was great...
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When did you last visit a Tourist Information Centre?

Tourist Information Centre
I love visiting any Tourist Information Centre (TIC's) although with my tourism background and and love of exploring that's hardly surprising! When out and about its easy to be in your usual routine; list in hand ticking off your things to do, places to go, things to buy. You may walk past a Tourist Information Centre and not even really notice it. Well its just for tourists and people here...
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3 Great Reasons to Visit Open Gardens

open gardens
Open gardens are a fantastic way of spending a couple of hours. I had such a great time on a recent visit that I may have just found myself a new hobby!   3 Great Reasons to Visit Open Gardens The first time I encountered open gardens was last year when I visited 16 gardens in the same street near to where I live!  Armed with a map, I had great fun weaving in and out of lots of cotta...
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Springtime at Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo
The great thing about being a National Trust member is that you can re-visit places as many times as you like and Springtime at Sutton Hoo is just lovely! But you may wonder why you would want to visit somewhere you have been before? Well I'm finding that each time I visit a place, I see something I haven't noticed before and always learn something new, then find myself planning to comeback to exp...
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Newmarket Horseshoe Trail

Jockey Club Rooms Newmarket
When I discovered the Newmarket Horseshoe Trail it seemed the perfect way of exploring a town I had never visited before. As soon as I arrived in Newmarket, my first stop was the tourist information Centre (TIC). I'm a big fan of TIC's and always seek them out if a town has one! As well as being fantastic for getting information about a place, you also sometimes speak to people with insi...
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Prepare to be amazed at the British Museum!

British Museum
Exploring the British Museum There were 3 reasons I decided to visit the British Museum; It is the most visited tourist attraction in the UK and having studied visitor attractions during my tourism degree it seemed ridiculous that I had never been! I wanted to find out if it was as was as good as the visitor numbers seemed to suggest. It was perfect timing - having arranged to meet a frie...
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