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Suffolk Top 50 Challenge – The story so far…

Southwold beach huts
I set myself the Suffolk Top 50 Challenge just over 6 months ago. I am now a third of the way through the list with 17 places visited so far and I am finding its a great way to explore Suffolk! If you are looking for a fun challenge or just find yourself with some free time and are wondering what to do why don't you have a look at the Suffolk Top 50 list to see if anything catches your eye?...
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Rendlesham Forest UFO Trail

Rendlesham Forest UFO trail
....UFO trail in Rendlesham Forest? .....Really?! As someone who has absolutely no sense of direction, I have avoided forests for many years. When you get lost in them as I have done in the past, what starts out as a fun day out turns into something rather more stressful! So you can imagine the thought of walking the UFO trail at Rendlesham Forest as part of my Suffolk Top 50 challenge w...
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