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An Afternoon in Christchurch Park Looking for Mabel!

Christchurch Park Ipswich
  First things first just in case you are worried, lets talk about Mabel. She's is Christchurch Park's most famous resident -  a tawny owl and she has become a bit of a celebrity over recent years! My latest trip to the park was to hopefully catch a glimpse of her as she's is part of my Suffolks Top 50 challenge. Exploring Christchurch Park Having mentioned to a friend my planned ...
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Woodbridge Tide Mill

Tide Mill Woodbridge
Woodbridge Tide Mill My visit to the Woodbridge Tide Mill was on a particularly damp and drizzly day, but actually once inside, the weather didn't matter so much as I had lots to see and keep me busy whilst sheltering from the rain! I have often glanced at the Tide Mill and to be honest if it wasn't on the Suffolk's Top 50 I probably wouldn't have visited...that's why I love my #Suffolkt...
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Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds

Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds
Where to start with Abbey Gardens? I know I say it often but yes this is another of my favorite places in Suffolk! I have got to know Abbey Gardens quite well over recent years...or so I thought. I usually meet one of my best friends there several times a year as it happens to be halfway between where we both live. We grab a coffee and sandwich at the bakery and wander down to the gardens, ...
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The Suffolk Punch

Suffolk Punch Horse
When I moved to Suffolk, I had lots to learn. Having never visited the county before I remember overhearing someone talking about the 'Suffolk punch' and thinking it was some sort of local boxing term! I soon realised that of course it's not.... the Suffolk Punch is the most wonderful type of horse! The breed was developed for farm work, however as machinery started to take over numbers dec...
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Rendlesham Forest UFO Trail

Rendlesham Forest UFO trail
....UFO trail in Rendlesham Forest? .....Really?! As someone who has absolutely no sense of direction, I have avoided forests for many years. When you get lost in them as I have done in the past, what starts out as a fun day out turns into something rather more stressful! So you can imagine the thought of walking the UFO trail at Rendlesham Forest as part of my Suffolk Top 50 challenge w...
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Exploring Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo
Who would have thought mounds could be so interesting!  Sutton Hoo is set in a wonderful landscape and the mounds are just the start of the story..... On arrival at Sutton Hoo it's easy to get swept up in the excellent 'visitor attraction' facilities before actually venturing outside to see the wonderful landscape where the story begins. It was shortly before the Second World War that Ed...
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Suffolk Walking Festival

Felixstowe and walking festival 049
Sound familiar? You are out and about and see the leaflet for the Suffolk Walking Festival and think...that's a good idea I'll do that and before you know where you are your leaflet has been buried under a pile of paperwork at home and when you find it the Walking Festival is over! Determined to be organised this year I didn't bury the leaflet as I have done in previous years, as soon as I got ...
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