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Why Winter is a great time for a Walk

Suffolk countryside

A Winter walk in the Suffolk countryside

The great thing about living in Suffolk is that you are not far away from big open spaces, perfect for some fresh air and a winter walk! We have had plenty of heavy morning frosts recently which have been stunning, but you have to be quick to get out and enjoy them before they melt as I found recently when taking my dog for a walk.

Suffolk footpath
Strolling along the footpath

Suffolk certainly doesn’t have a shortage of footpaths to explore. Having found a new one last week I decided to revisit in the heavy frost and take my camera with me. Sounds like a great idea but when you have a dog on a lead that you haven’t trained to walk to heel properly and you are balancing your camera, holding your gloves, hat and a poo bag whilst trying to take photos its not very easy!

cows in a Suffolk field
I stood watching these two for 10 minutes and they didn’t move. It was as if they were frozen!

I did manage to get a few lovely shots whilst walking the dog then when we finished the route I took her home and went back out and did it all again, just me and my camera! By the time I had returned home for the second time the frost had almost disappeared!

Suffolk frost


Suffolk frost

The great thing about a winter walk is the trees have no leaves and many of the hedges are just twigs, so you get to spot all sorts of wildlife along the way!

Suffolk geese
Geese trying to keep warm!
Cow in a Suffolk field
He seems to be looking a bit warmer now!

Suffolk country lanes

Its great to take a walk exploring and Suffolk has so much to enjoy. There are some excellent resources out there if you are looking for inspiration of places to go. Here are some links for you…

Discover Suffolk

Suffolk Coast & Heaths

National Trust

Suffolk’s Year of Walking

If you want to know what its like to walk using one of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths explorer guides you can check my blog here and don’t forget about the yearly Suffolk Walking Festival in May & June. Its great fun!

If you have any favourite walks you would like to share please do get in touch, it would be really lovely to hear from you!



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