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My Top 10 Favourite Cars!

Car Wheel

I will be the first to admit I know nothing about cars and my family and friends will agree. Anyone who has ever told me they have bought a new car will usually hear me say “That’s great…what colour is it?”

That said, when I see a car that does catch my attention, it’s usually for lots of different reasons.

I recently had a sort out of all the photo’s I have taken over the last 6 months whilst out and about exploring Suffolk. I was surprised to see that I had quite a few pictures of cars and other vehicles. All the cars had made me smile so it seemed a shame not to share them – Here are my Top Ten.

Top 10 Favourite Cars (and other vehicles)!


I met Audrey at a recent trip to Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival. There is something quite comforting about a vehicle that has a name don’t you think – even better when it is stocked with ice cream!

Audrey at Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival Alder Tree ice cream
Say hello to Audrey…she sells delicious ice cream!


And then there was Barbara! who lives at Debach Airfield. She was a real surprise and in immaculate condition, obviously very well loved! She also was surrounded by lots of other cars just as cool but it was Barbara that caught my eye!

Debach Airfield
Here is the amazing Barbara who lives at Debach Airfield


On a trip to the seaside I came across this really shiny camper van. It looked so inviting I would have loved to have sat inside then taken her for a spin!

Camper Van Suffolk
Would love to jump in & take this camper van on an adventure!


I was intrigued as to who owns a car like this. My wildlife photography needs lots of practice and I haven’t managed to catch a ladybird on film yet so will make do with this car in the meantime!

Ladybird Car
Ladybird Car


I know it’s not a car but you can’t have a blog about Suffolk without a tractor in it! I love these old tractors. This photo was taken just before I boarded the trailer it was pulling for my tour around the Suffolk Punch Trust

Tractor Suffolk Punch Trust
Is it just me or do these tractors have faces?!


I noticed this car on a recent trip to Lavenham (which is an amazing place if you get the chance to visit!). If I changed the photo to black and white you would have no idea in what decade it was taken! Couldn’t help wondering what the owners would be dressed like if I saw them going out for a drive!

Suffolk Car
Some cars and houses are just mean’t to be together!


And this was certainly a surprise seen at the Suffolk Show! It really got me thinking… it’s quite a cool way to make your last journey.

Motorbike and side car
Sometimes you discover options you didn’t know you had!


Colour coordinated car and house…the sky even joined in on the day I visited!

Blue car in Suffolk
Suffolk blue skies, blue house & blue car!


This is perhaps my favourite of the ten…as you can see the van caught my eye as it as really cute, but I need to practice more when I compose my photo’s….it looks like its driving off with three of the palm trees from the beach!

Suffolk Camper Van
Good job this van has a strong roof rack!


I finish on a car from the most amazing event I went to earlier in the year the Ipswich to Felixstowe Vehicle Road Run. The weather was spectacular and seeing so many cars along the promenade was really something. I am already looking forward to next years road run!

Ipswich to Felixstowe Vehicle Road Run
Possibly the cleanest car I have ever seen sparkling in the Suffolk sunshine!

I hope you have enjoyed my look back at some of the great vehicles I have seen whilst out exploring Suffolk and that they have made you smile too!





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