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My Top 10 Favourite Suffolk Doors

It's not until you look at all your photo's that you begin to realise that you are drawn to certain things to photograph. When sorting through my hundreds of pictures taken so far, it revealed yet another collection has been emerging over the months I have been out and about - Suffolk doors! Who would have thought doors could be so photogenic! It seems a shame not to share them with you - I hop...
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My Top 10 Favourite Cars!

Car Wheel
I will be the first to admit I know nothing about cars and my family and friends will agree. Anyone who has ever told me they have bought a new car will usually hear me say "That's great...what colour is it?" That said, when I see a car that does catch my attention, it's usually for lots of different reasons. I recently had a sort out of all the photo's I have taken over the last 6 months ...
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