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Felixstowe Museum

As a regular visitor to Felixstowe, I have often walked past Felixstowe Museum and with the best intentions of popping in. Well on the Heritage Open Days festival this year when exploring various places in the area I finally made it in for a look around. Here is a quick guide to what you can see on a visit.

Felixstowe Museum
The entrance to the museum always looks nice!

Felixstowe Museum: a quick guide

The museum has always had an eye catching entrance and it was lovely to be visiting at last. After a warm welcome I was shown the best place to start and before long I soon realised there was lots to discover.

The museum has many artefacts that tell the story of the area. From archaeological finds including roman pots and roof tiles and medieval coins to a collection of items telling the story of the Merchant and Royal Navy and coastal forces based at Felixstowe.

felixstowe museum

felixstowe museum

I particularly liked seeing Felixstowe during the Victorian and Edwardian times and exploring the old store. It really made me feel like I had stepped back in time as I stood behind the shop counter and examined the paperwork and shop items that we displayed for sale.

felixstowe museum
So many goods on display it felt like I was in a real shop!

It was great to see the display on the pleasure steamer era which I found really interesting due to my background in tourism and having written an essay on the development of cruise ships as part of my degree.

felixstowe museum
Paddle steamer model. they travelled along the east coast stopping at Lowestoft, Southwold and Felixstowe

I love museums that have displays set out that make you feel you have stepped back in time. This ‘front room’ did it for me. I loved how it looked like someone had left their knitting behind while they popped to the kitchen for a cup of tea!

felixstowe museum
I so wanted to sit in these chairs. I felt like I was a time traveller!

felixstowe museum

The museum also has an exhibition area dedicated to St Audry’s Hospital, that started as Suffolk County Asylum in 1832 and was closed in 1993 with Felixstowe museum being given some of the exhibits.

Visiting the museum was a great way of finding out more about the history of Felixstowe. If you happen to be passing by, make sure you pop in. It is well worth a visit!

More information for Felixstowe Museum to help you plan your own visit can be found here on their website

I visited Felixstowe Museum in September 2018.

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