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Why Felixstowe Pier is a Great Place for Some ‘Time Out’!

Have you been to the new Felixstowe Pier yet?

I only really discovered Felixstowe a couple of years ago and like many people, if off to the seaside I would automatically think of places like Aldeburgh and Southwold. Since finding Felixstowe I’ve not looked back and this is currently my Suffolk destination of choice if looking for a day out by the sea.

Visiting Felxistowe Pier is just one of the many wonderful things to do in Felixstowe and a great place to escape to if you need some time out! Here’s why….

Why Felixstowe Pier is a Great Place for Some ‘Time Out’

When I heard that Felixstowe Pier was being re built I couldn’t wait to return to have a look. Although I quite liked the old pier, it was a bit dated but it did have some character. When looking at it from the beach you did feel as if you had been transported back to another time which was part of its charm, which was why it was with slight apprehension that I went to see the new Felixstowe Pier…. but it looked amazing!

Felixstowe Pier
The new entrance to Felixstowe Pier  with lovely stained glass windows.

Once inside you will find a whole heap of amusements to keep all ages entertained, and a great cafe/ bar to stop off for something to eat or drink either sitting inside the pier or on tables outside, which on a sunny day is just lovely; a perfect way to spend time catching up with friends.

Felixstowe Pier
Amusements to keep you entertained
Felixstowe Pier
Boadwalk Cafe Bar on Felixstowe Pier – a great place to stop and catch up with friends

For me, the best part of the pier however is just behind the entrance at the back of the pier. If you are looking for some ‘time out’ from the hustle and bustle of life, this place is wonderful especially if you visit at a quiet time and have the whole place to yourself!

A walk along the wooden planks of the pier takes you to a large decked area. I’ve never been on a cruise ship but strolling on Felixstowe Pier it felt like I was all aboard heading off on an overseas adventure!

Felixstowe Pier
Don’t look down if you are nervous of sea beneath your feet!
Felixstowe Pier
Love a bench and the view from these ones are great!

Felixstowe Pier

Felixstowe Pier

We often spend time rushing around to fit everything in, even on days out so on your next visit to Felixstowe, pop to the pier and just take some time out to sit one one of the many benches, breathe in the sea air and appreciate the views – you will be glad you did! And don’t worry you will still find you have plenty of time to enjoy fish and chips on the beach and you won’t have too far to walk!

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