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I love lists. Preferably the ones with nice stuff on – not those with jobs that need doing that seem to get more added to than ticked off! Suffolk has a great one…..

I got very excited in 2014 when BBC Radio Suffolk and East Anglian Daily Times teamed up to collect suggestions from the public of the best things to do in Suffolk. It was a great talking point at the time but sadly it now seems a distant memory. Rather than let the list float around only to be picked up on some random google search I have decided to use it as my next challenge – Visit Suffolk’s top 50 before I’m 50!

Not much of a challenge you may think but I am the type of person who buys an annual English Heritage pass then spends the last week before it expires visiting all the properties in Suffolk I haven’t been to (which was most of them!) but more of that in a later blog post.

Suffolk’s Top 50 Challenge

This is my plan; I have a year and a bit to visit everything on the list. I have been to a number of them before but as that was some time ago I have decided to revisit them all. So if you have some free time and are looking for places to visit why not pick one from the list and let me know what you think after your trip. Keep in touch with my blog for updates and please let me know what ones you enjoy – it would be lovely to hear from you.

For more background information about Suffolk’s top 50 click here

To make it easy for you (and for me!) I have listed them all in the link below. I will be adding any dates next to them (in due course) if they are scheduled events – I know from experience that if I put something in my diary I have more of a chance in doing it!

So lets get going on the #suffolktop50 challenge – a great excuse for us all to ditch the non urgent chores and get out and explore Suffolk with friends and family! Have fun – and keep me posted on how you get on!!

50 Things to do in Suffolk

Southwold, Suffolk