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Arthur Ransome’s East Coast Celebration

We all know events can be fun but they are also a great way of learning new things, take the Arthur Ransome’s East Coast Celebration for example. I’m not sure if I should admit it but up until two weeks ago I didn’t know who Arthur Ransome was. Although I read books as a child – looking back I think all the ones I chose were pretty much written by Enid Blyton! Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazon series of books completely passed me by.

I am a massive fan (you could call me a hoarder!) of leaflets and also of walking so when I picked up the Arthur Ransome’s Walking Trail leaflet he hit my radar so to speak!

Arthur Ransome's Walking Trail
Walking Trail leaflet

Arthur Ransome’s East Coast Celebration

It was then that the Arthur Ransome’s East Coast Celebration caught my eye and now two weeks on, I have been to his Jamboree at Pin Mill, sat in his boat and am waiting for my reservations of his books to be ready for me to collect at my local library!

Nancy Blackett
‘Nancy Blackett’ Arthur Ransome’s boat is stunning and well looked after
Nancy Blackett
Ropes looking all organised, neat and tidy on the Nancy Blackett

If you read my blogs regularly you may have guessed I have a passion for Suffolk and I can’t wait to read ‘We Didn’t Mean To Go To Sea’ to hear how he describes our wonderful county.

Arthur Ransome’s Jamboree

I parked at the Wolverstone Marina and took a 20 minute walk to Pin Mill – another reason I love events, I have never been to either of those places before! I arrived late at the Jamboree as I had come straight from a Suffolk Walking Festival walk, but it was clear that lots of families were still enjoying all it had to offer despite the overcast weather. Here are a few photos from my trip.

Arthur Ransome's East Coast celebration Nancy Blackett
Nancy Blackett in Woolverstone Marina
Arthur Ransome's East Coast Celebration
A walk through the woods to find the jamboree
Arthur Ransome's East Coast Celebration
Nearly there!
Arthur Ransome's East Coast Celebration
Arriving at Pin Mill
Pin Mill
A bit breezy and overcast on reaching Pin Mill
Arthur Ransome's Jamboree
People enjoying Arthur Ransome’s Jamboree at Pin Mill

The great thing about the Arthur Ransome’s East Coast Celebration is that it throws the spotlight on an area of Suffolk that many people may not have explored before. The walking trail is a lovely touch and the leaflet is beautifully illustrated with interesting information. When walking along the route you will find markers to help guide you in the right direction.

Arthur Ransome's Walking Trail

I have enjoyed learning a bit about Arthur Ransome and look forward to getting my selection of books from the library to learn some more. I am also planning to go back to Pin Mill when the weather is better and spend more time there with my camera as I imagine it is stunning in the sunshine and blue skies. With the walks in the area and places to enjoy a drink and snack or two it looks a great place for a day out exploring.
The Arthur Ransome’s East Coast Celebration has a few more events over the coming weeks. Here is a great blog from Suffolk Coasts and Heaths AONB with more details and the events are listed on All About Ipswich. You can also follow whats going on via Facebook




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